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Growing up I seemed to always be making something. Whether it was jewelry, clay sculptures, selling 25 cent dream home floor plans to my 4th Grade classmates or making artwork for the fridge at home, I seemed to have a love for creating and a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Through high school, I continued investing time into my photography and pottery classes and realized that I wanted what I was enjoying to be the career path I pursued in college. All stars pointed to the great state of Wisconsin where I pursued a BFA in Graphic Design and Interactive Media with a minor in Photography at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. 

I continued to learn about what graphic design was and the hands-on skills I needed to apply to the way I work to catapult me into the industry. I graduated from UW-Stout (2016), completed a Kickstarter campaign originating from my packaging class, finished an internship at 3M and started my career at SapientRazorfish. Currently a designer at Humdinger & Sons.

I have continued to make, be inspired by the numerous talented individuals I've had the privilege to work with, and will keep creating experiences through design to make other's lives better. Forever a lover of museums, documentaries, playing piano, vanilla ice cream, and plants.


Brands I've worked with