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Growing up I seemed to always be making something. Whether it was making masterpieces on KidPix and miniature clay sculptures, selling 25¢ dream home floor plans to my 4th Grade classmates, or making artwork for the fridge at home, I had a love for creating and a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. 

After investing time into my photography and art classes in high school, all stars pointed to pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design and Interactive Media with a minor in Photography at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. 

I learned hands-on skills to catapult me into the industry and graduated in 2016, completed a Kickstarter campaign originating from my packaging class, finished an internship at 3M and started my career at SapientRazorfish. I am currently a designer at Humdinger & Sons.

I have continued to make, be inspired by the numerous talented individuals I've had the privilege to work with, and have continued to create experiences making other's lives better. Forever a lover of museums, documentaries, playing piano, vanilla ice cream, and plants.


Brands I've worked with