In addition to back end integration help, SapientRazorfish was approached to help enhance the customer experience of a homeowner's decking journey beginning with making them aware of their brands and guiding them through their design search, material evaluation, purchase, and brand advocacy.


homepage enhancements

Integrating a search feature front and center allows the user to look into exactly what they need. The location would be present to allow for the user to have location specific data curated for them and to be able to connect faster with related contractors in the area. 


Picture this

Let's say you are a homeowner that has stopped by your neighbor's deck and are envious of their design choices that making their new deck look amazing. This new mobile app feature would allow you to take a quick picture and immediately see what AZEK™ products were used. Saving the image for later, favoriting this style, or requesting a sample would all be available at your fingertips.



Without having to look too far, you would also be able to see exactly who in your area would be able to help with say recommending a finish, laying out a plan for a deck addition, or estimating the cost of adding railing and lights to your existing deck.


for the pros

Catering the site and visually differentiated header to their reoccurring users would be another recommendation. Having a section where the Pros can go to get a deeper dive into the products and services the company offers would engage their users in a new way. Taking a new look at their Deck Designer tool to reorganize it's hierarchy and functionality for a user with multiple projects was also part of the concepts we presented. The 3D rendering tool to visualize, customize, and finalize and idea to present to a client is a powerful part of their capabilities so being able to reimagine it's UX and UI can only make their clients happier.

iPad Air Mockup-Azek.png